Which sport are you good at?

I’m asking you what sport you ARE good at!

I mostly I like… T-ball! I’m very good at it as well! I dislike Netball and Tennis!                                                It doesn’t have to be your favourite one it can just the one that you play the most! It could be any sport!

tennisWhich sport do you like? Tell me and i might tell you  a better way to play it!

Frienship problems!!

When was the last time you had a freindship problem!

Well, lots of people have them in schools and etc.  Usally these problems are usally about:

Your best friend moves on and doesn’t want to be your friend any more OR Your other friend just take your BEST FRIEND and plays with her until you are all jealous and sad!

Doesn’t this make life harder?? Well, it obviously makes it hard for me! Don’t you think they should do this before asking you? I DO !!!!!!!!!!! Its anoying and nasty!  😥

Once I had a BIG problem! We were in groups for activities and we had to link arms with a partner and I already choose a partner and then a girl comes up and links arms with the partner I already choose and she thought she could stay there and I had to be with a boy and the whole class was teasing me!  That was the worst day of my life!!

But it doesn’t matter! It all came out VERY well!

Tell me about your problems, and how you solved it OR did you ever make up again???



Who knows Greek mythology?

Greek mythology can be fun to reseach, but is always fun to read! Keep reading on to see what interesting facts you can find in the 3rd pharagraph down there!! Enjoy!

I had a little bit of time to research it and found out these facts:


Ø      Theseus was a legendary King of Athens, son of Aethra, and fathered by Aegeus and Poseidon.

Ø      Thesues was a founder hero, like Perseus, Cadmus or Heracles all of whom battled and overcome foes that were unidentified with an archaic religious and social order.

Ø      Greece’s moto is “Freedom or death”, Greece’s capital is Athens.

Ø      Greece lies at the juncture of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Ø      Hercules is the Roman name for the mythical Greek hero Heracles, son of Zeus and the mortal Alcmena.

Ø      In Greek mythology, Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. She was the Hellenic goddess of the forest, hills, virginity, and the hunt and was often depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and some arrows.

Ø      The Minotaur‘s name means “Bull of Minos”. The Minotaur was killed by Theseus.

Cronus was overthrown by his own sons, Zeus, Hades and Poseidon.



Finally, to the end!

Well, i guess you have all been commenting my Stranger post and thoughtfully Nadine was the closest! And for everybody who had commented is suppose to get…… a round of applause for trying!

Also, i hoped you enjoyed my story so far because this is the last chapter! 🙁    I pretty much enjoyed it as well! So here goes the next chapter:

I decided to to stop this madness and make sure our school is a safe place and a happy place to stay in! I was going to the girls toilet to see what is causing all of this diasters. No body is going to get hurt or killed. Making a difference was hard, no body cared even though i was trying to save the school neither did they encourage me, i guess i have to do everything on my own than. 😥

As i walked bravely down to the girls toilets, i heard whispering noises. The noises came form inside the girls toilets and i wanted to see what it was. When i was about to seet my foot on the tiled ground i froze . I stood there like ice, i could feel my blood suddenly turning cold as well. It was like being trapped in ice!! So i decided not to freeze and do nothing, i kept going no matter what! I took a few steps further into the girls toilet and waited for something to happen. While i waited i heared strange voices coming from the walls!

I took a few steps deeper into the girls toilet and found a sprite, the sprite was a s white as paper. I was shocked at the begining and was a little bit claim at the second time. I started to speak. ” Hello, who are you?” No body answered. After a minute slience  the sprite finally spoke. ” Hello.” ” I’m a sprite.” “yes i can see that.” i said mumbling.

“Why are you killing almost everybody?” i asked. ” Because the parent of these childern locked me in hear for 2 weeks and i starved to death! ” The sprite yelled. ” Did my parents do anything wrong? ” ” No, they didn’t, they tried to help me but they couldn’t open it because they didn’t have the key! ” she said sadly. ” I never got to see the sun again.

” What if i take you with me and you can travel on the school grounds and look at te sun when ever you want?” I offered. ” Yes! That would be great!” she said with excitment! So i took her outside and she got to see the sun again, she also promised never to kill or hurt anybody!

And that is the end!    If you like this story please comment back, saying how many parts you liked and how many you didn’t like!           😀



What’s it like living in Poverty?

Poverty is all over the world. Many people live on the streets while others are inside their house staying dry, but before we can go on lets see what Poverty means:

Poverty means  “Poor people with no money to spend on anything” These people are in trouble. Each year a lot of people die from hunger or they could get sick and die as well as having Aids, Cancer or any strong sickness.


People should be donating to the poor!! Why doesn’t the government do something about it? How can anybody do this? I can’t watch many people suffering from sickness or hunger!!

Over these years I’ve seen many people playing music to get money and still at the end of day only 5c was in the case. How could anybody buy an item with 5c, they can’t worth anything. I’ve seen people begging for food. All the other people in houses are lucky they have food and plenty of medicines to cure them while other people live in Poverty. These people have to change their life to have a better and happy life.


Many people have to give donations to help save people’s lives and after when you’d help them, they can come back and help you as well. And could be thanking you a lot!!

It’s sad to watch other people die when we live, I’m in are you?

Even old people such as lonely granddads have to beg for food and sometimes I hear him play music to get some coins so he can buy lunch for his grandchildren!!


It’s up to us now, to save the ones in need!! The rest is lucky, to have home to live in but still put your hearts into it, Try the best you can and help save their lives in a special way. And that way is to…… care for them, if they need help and don’t forget to donate to them if you see someone on the streets!!  So remember, help people in need and help them have a big smile on their faces!!    🙂

Out there!

My favourite places are:

The Canteen, Area 6 and Area 7.

The Canteen provides food to us when we’re hungry. You can buy snacks, water and frozen treats, you could also order your lunch in the morning and receive it during lunch time.


Area 6 is a grass area every stage K-2 love playing in. Tall trees grow there which give children plenty of shade, a spot to sit in and still makes very good hiding places.

The hills are like little mountains that are very fun to roll on!!

Area 6 is a big place for children to play in. The grass is meant to not hurt children when they fall over and create a good soccer field, if some boys or girls would like to play soccer!


And don’t forget Area 7, the kind of grass that big kids would like to play on!

It is also a peaceful neighbour of Area 6.

 It has wonderful grass and the area is very big indeed. The wonderful grass can create a wonderful sight from far away; even

I want to take pictures of it!!

Its trees stand out of the shadows and bring every lunch time a happy time!!  J People can run, play and don’t forget talk in Area 7. The grass has done it again!!

(It made everybody have a happy time!!)  J

Railway mayham!

There was a story about childern being crashed by a railway train at night on their way home,the Railway is located on Shane Street in Dallas. It was dark that day so the driver didn’t see the sign, which read “Railway Crossing” Their car engine frozze in the middle of the track, the driver told the students to leave the car. Some students escaped the car without a single problem!

Then the train came up and smashed their car until it fell of the mountains. So whenever you park your car in the middle of the railway tracks your car will move by its self until it goes on to a safe area, which means that the students have helped you across the railway track without being hurt like the students did!!




The stranger

So it all begins after lunch.I came into class and had a huge fright.I paniced through the lesson not learning any thing the teacher tought me, but i kept on thinking about the nasty sight I saw.

I was sitting in the corner close to the door. Soon when it came to lunch again i stayed in class. Suddenly I heared cold, scary foot steps up the stairs. “Who’s there?”I asked. But no one seem to answer.The foot steps continued to come forward towards me. As i kept on asking the foot steps came closer and closer but still on answer.  You might know about this mysterious character. So.. tell me who you think it is or what it is??


My Colour Poem

My colour means evil, darkness and unwelcoming.

My colour sounds like a passing shadow.

My colour feels like darkness rising.

My colour is the same colour as an opening of a cave and is the same as a thunder cloud.

My colour smells like dark mist.

My colour tastes like a burnt object.

My colour’s feelings are not risk taking and not calm.


My colour is BLACK!!! 

From the character Shadow!!!

Image: ‘Shadow the Hedgehog

Get me out of here!!!

It was 25 years ago since I remember this story about a haunted school. One day when it was a day I started school, I felt so scared because the looks of the school freaks me out. I so when I started I was only in kindergarten and my mother had to say with me for the day to see how I went on with others. When I got to class the teacher invited me to sit at one of the desks but the children in the class didn’t seem so nice. So I thought of sitting by my self in a nice and quiet place to claim my self down before my nervous fever gets very bad.[I start to scream if i don’t get my self straight.]


So that after noon my mum and I came outside to play but then” ring” her phone called.”Hello, who’s this?” She answered.”Brenda, get back to your office this instant. We have an important meeting to discuss!!”Her boss shouted that even I could hear from a far distance.” mum do have to go?” I asked sadly knowing that the school bully would come to bash me up in no time. I began to worry about it so much that I needed to go toilet.


So as my mum went, I hurried my self down to the toilets. And here is how every thing began. I sat there quietly on the toilet seat, while i was in the toilets I heard a voice whisper to me” Come here….””www who are you?” I said in a scared look.” Kill!!!” he added no longer whispering. As soon as I was done I rushed out to tell the teacher.”Miss, there was a voice in there talking to me.” “Non- sense my child, theres no such thing.” my teacher said thinking as if it was a joke.” No miss there is such thing.” I said.” Okay I’ll check.” so she walked into the toilet to see if there was. As she walked into the toilets looked around to see if there was any thing wrong with it. 


So I waited outside for her. She took a long time.” I wonder what could take her so long?” i asked my self. As soon as I walked in I saw blood every where and mostly the ground, I realized that the trail leads to my teacher. I screamed”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”Running for my life. I wonder what is going to happen to the rest of the school and i know I’m on top of the list.           .:!:             😥